Gilad Krein Premium Hosting Services

With over 10 years of experience, Gilad Krein specializes in web hosting, cloud services, development and management of advanced internet solutions. With our new packages, you can sleep with peace of mind and know that your websites are in the best hands.

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.com $8.99/yr
.net $8.99/yr
.org $8.99/yr
.gov $8.99/yr

Our Services

Our team of experts maintains tens of thousands of websites, manages servers, takes care of website security, backup monitoring and more.

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Uptime Guarantee

Hosting, renting a server in the server farm and receiving “farm services” directly from Gilad Krein Hosting.
You can get complementary services such as: full management and security services, backup, monitoring services,
Management interface and troubleshooting based on working hours.

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Secure Backups

Web hosting packages on a fast and secure SSD infrastructure
Operating system (Linux (CentOS) without traffic and disk space limitation
The packages are optimized for an operating system (Linux (CentOS
A hospitality and service experience at the highest level is guaranteed.

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Safe & Secure

Gilad Krein provides a wide range of management for dedicated servers, virtual servers, management of Amazon systems, Google Cloud, Rackspace and more. Management services include expert staff, service calls, data backup and recovery, server monitoring including HTTP monitoring, resources and hardware failures.

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Dedicated Support

Whether your server is located in our server farm or anywhere else in the world, our team is ready and is ready to provide the maintenance and management of the servers in the most professional and efficient manner. The knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over the years will provide you with peace of mind,
that you need from the storage solution and they will help you maximize the added value from the cloud services.

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

Gilad Krein is the only web hosting company in Israel that hosts servers on its own independent infrastructure, which guarantees its customers a level of maintenance, security and improved performance. Gilad Krein servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are maintained by expert technicians and engineers.

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web hosting

Dedicated packages for web hosting in a collaborative service on a fast, survivable and secure SSD infrastructure

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cloud computing

A variety of solutions based on virtualization, managed virtual servers, infrastructure only and customized solutions in the cloud

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dedicated servers

Hosting and server rental in an advanced server farm. Receiving farm services, management, information security, monitoring, backup directly from Gilad Krein

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Management Services

Server management and maintenance services for customers in external cloud services, such as Google Cloud, AWS and more

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CDN service

A service from Cloudflare that improves the user experience by serving website content at a higher speed


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