How did we speed up the websites of thousands of our customers?

To this day, customers ask us what makes the storage experience they receive from us so fast. Well, it’s no secret that we work hard to give you the best. In this post, we will present to you some of the things that we worked for you that really make the difference between a ‘fur’ hosting experience and an outstanding hosting experience.

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When we approach the field of hosting, we ask ourselves every time – what is really important to our customers? Well, as in any good restaurant. A chef who does not know what the food he cooks tastes like – does not know what the true quality of the food is served to the diner in the restaurant. Our team consists of professionals who are developers and have extensive background and experience in the field of building websites, systems based on Web applications, etc… We have a team that knows exactly what kind of performance our customers’ websites need to receive and hence the product goes through a long and very strict testing process until it moves to the production environment.

When we built the product we included the most important topics for developers and we usually check ourselves on whether the final product the customer receives from us provides the performance and speed required by the customer.

The audits we do go through a very extensive checking and Q/A process in each and every parameter. We must make sure that the quality of the final product will be Fix Perfect – and we have no compromises in the company. This is not our professional approach at Wangos.

Every time we encountered a technical bottleneck both at the level of the software installed on the server or at the level of the hardware, we thought in a controlled and calculated way minute by minute how we can actually optimize the server’s performance to the maximum without harming the partner’s functioning.

Stop skimping on technologies!

On previous servers on which we performed quick tests, we saw that most of the hosting companies do not update their php and mysql versions. You can understand them. What happens if the update fails or if it spoils the functioning of dozens of websites located on the server. This is out of the question, therefore those hosting companies do not accept the technological change and remain with the same old stigmas of hosting from the 2000s.

We had to get out of this bubble.

Why in 2018 will hosting companies continue to work on servers with old software, old technologies and a somewhat ‘nostalgic’ work environment just to maintain their own comfort zone? And what about all the big retail stores and websites full of graphics and content that really, really need performance and loading speeds? How can they be neglected and give these customers an old and ‘expired’ product – I’m lost.

We decided to make a change.

We chose to work with a bunch of new technologies and for a fairly long period of time (over a year) we tested the performance and milled water endlessly to test every millimeter of definition. Our team sat on the couch and wrote you dozens of customizations for new engines and special updates so that things will run smoothly, but properly and not a bit ‘about’.

on the tip of the fork:

• Adding a custom NGINX engine for dynamic WordPress sites that serves the site from CACHE.

Because Apache is dynamic but utilizes server processors and server memory mercilessly.


• 100% SSD hard disks of the new NVMe type.

Because SSD is fire, and NVMe even more so.

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• The disks go through RAID in order to improve performance and reading speed.

If there is already an SSD and there is already NVMe then there should also be RAID to get performance here to the end.


MYSQL • The new 8.0 has double read speed performance.

Because the performance of the new 8 is 10 times faster than the previous engine 5.6


PHP 7.2.6 • The newest and fastest.

We also left all previous versions for customers who cannot upgrade.

REDIS • which serves your DATABASE data from CACHE.

Dynamic sites that want to load at the rate of static sites? – This is a stamp for you

And these are just some of the things we have been working on over the past year.

So what are you waiting for? The experience with our web hosting or WordPress hosting is completely free with no need for credit information and no obligation.