If you entered this article, you probably saw the illusory title and said – wait, what?! Well then, maybe it was worth it to draw your attention to some important facts that we want to reveal to you.

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Good web hosting does not have to cost you dearly, it can also be a basic commodity for anything that will serve the website owner at only a nominal cost.

Well, with the passage of time, technology did its part and brought to the Internet world a variety of unusual solutions to speed up your loading speed.

For the sake of it – the download speeds of the Internet in your home range from 50 to 100 megabytes and sometimes even more – today, unlike in the past, there is no such thing as ‘slow’ Internet.
High speed internet exists in every home and that ‘slow internet’ has passed away from the modern world.

Then came hardware and performance improvements at the physical level of the servers and home computers, such as a full SSD array and light Linux versions that allow very fast response times from the moment of the click to the moment of submitting the information. A site in the world without slowdowns.

Among the most significant technologies that have entered are technologies of cache memory (Cache) on the side of the browser and on the side of the server and also CDN or in its full name Content Delivery Network which we will soon explain how it works…

Briefly about cache memory
Collects data based on original values ​​that are stored in another location (can be stored on the browser you browse or stored on a web hosting server). The use of the cache allows a renewed retrieval of the information quickly instead of returning to the original database which is relatively slow. The use also makes it possible to retrieve this data at a very high speed.

Briefly about CDN (Content Delivery Network)
An array of servers distributed around the world and storing a copy of your website or a cache file (usually image, video and content files) connected in one network.

The CDN system knows how to identify your geographical location and thus upload the contents of the site from the server that is geographically closest to you.

In practice, CDN servers once in a while turn to the central server where your website is stored and pull the information from it and produce a CACHE (cache) copy. In this situation where there are several servers around the world, we reduce the references to the main server and of course take the load off of it and enjoy fast loading times.

What will you find in Gilad Krein?
Professional website storage on a 100% full SSD array, a fast connection to a CDN from Cloudflare and an internal cache system installed on our servers.

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All this allows you to load your website with an average speed of about 2 seconds and at a nominal cost only.

As we said earlier:

Good web hosting does not have to cost you dearly, it can also be a basic commodity for anything that will serve the website owner at only a nominal cost.

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