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Hosting, renting a server in the server farm and receiving “farm services” directly from Gilad Krein Hosting. You can get complementary services such as: full management and security services, backup, monitoring services, Management interface and troubleshooting based on working hours.

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web hosting

Dedicated packages for web hosting in a collaborative service on a fast, survivable and secure SSD infrastructure

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cloud computing

A variety of solutions based on virtualization, managed virtual servers, infrastructure only and customized solutions in the cloud

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dedicated servers

Hosting and server rental in an advanced server farm. Receiving farm services, management, information security, monitoring, backup directly from Gilad Krein

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Management Services

Server management and maintenance services for customers in external cloud services, such as Google Cloud, AWS and more

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CDN service

A service from Cloudflare that improves the user experience by serving website content at a higher speed


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.com $8.99/yr

.net $8.99/yr

.org $8.99/yr

.gov $8.99/yr

.store $8.99/yr

.info $8.99/yr

.xyz $8.99/yr

.co $8.99/yr

.biz $8.99/yr

.us $8.99/yr

.world $8.99/yr

.live $8.99/yr