What makes our hosting experience so unique and why choose us?

Well, here at Gilad Krein we don’t write persuasive texts. We do not speak in the language of signs – but in the language of action in the practical world, the results are the ones that speak.

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We are weak in talking

We at Gilad Krein are not interested in hearing buzz words like “the fastest storage” or “the best WordPress storage”, do you want to certify yourself as the fastest storage? Go ahead… take the test tools of Google Page Speed ​​Insights, Pingdom and GTMetrix and check for yourself if your storage is fast – who are we to prove ourselves?

Personal relationship as person to person

We are not interested in hearing practical stories about such and such hosting experiences, what happens with the neighbors – we are not interested. The customer is interesting to us or as it is correct to say the customer is always right. We don’t apologize, we don’t look for excuses, we don’t assign responsibility or blame when we are needed. We provide an answer. Yes. Right now – go to the chat and write to us… didn’t you catch us? Call us at 073-3744370. We are available from Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We believe in people and in being simply human.

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Product Excellence

Our storage experience is the diamond that we constantly polish to the highest level of finish.

We have thought about all the details that are really important to our customers, with us you will find a variety of cool things to install with a click, without complications, without wasting time on empty and useless work.

Among the things we offer to customers: installing WordPress/Magento/Joomla/Model/OpenCart with one click of a button… managing several domains at the same time on one convenient and compact management panel… installing an SSL certificate with a click… WordPress security with a click (protection against XML-RPC, XSS, changing write permissions, etc.). We care so much about the storage experience you get to no end – just pamper and pamper and pamper.

And if all this still sounds like a persuasive text to you, then just create a trial user for yourself completely free and without any obligation and try it yourself!

There is nothing that stands in the way of the will

We at Gilad Krein want to create an outstanding hosting experience, one that will meet your requirements. One that will move you, make you say ‘And by God?’

We have no way to describe how much we love you and you are important to us – so we did the best for you, because you deserve the best. And we are here for you always.